Ypa Finance

Newsletter sent by email the 1st day of every week generally before the NYSE open. You are informed of our positions before we take them. We publish all positions of our best high liquidity strategies. Some of them may be temporarily in cash if it is required by the strategy. The Technical Summary gives statistics about the Weekly Newsletter.

This is a follow-up about our portfolio, not investment advice. Every subscriber is free to use it in any way for personal purpose except disseminating included information. A subscriber may copy us if he/she wants to copy our performance, another may just put our list on the radar for his/her style of trading. As a financially aware and responsible investor, you are WELCOME in our community. We just wish to avoid having as subscribers people who are irresponsible, impatient, or who think that we have reduced the risk to zero. There is a risk: past performance is never a guarantee for the future. We are not certified advisors. We provide an opinion about the market and you are responsible for your investments.

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