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We used to have all of these issues too until we really systemized our staff management process. We have operated 9 businesses in two different countries and franchiseA business method that involves licensing of trademarks and methods of doing business, such as: Chain store, retail outlets which share a brand and central management An exclusive right, for example to sell branded merchandise Source: Wikipedia.org systems and we know what’s it like to rely on staff to operate a business. We have been able to grow our sales and gain great profits by reducing the amount of time spent on high maintenance staff and annoying issues and this is our system of how we have done that.

Both Teriann and I have operated these businesses with different styles but one thing is consistent is our treatment of our staff. They are one of the biggest cost areas so we treat the good ones like gold (and this doesn’t mean paying a fortune or letting them get away with everything) and the bad ones we re train or move on. In the end it is our business and we are the ones on the line of things are not going right so we are actively involved in management and training our staff.

Who has time to do EVERYTHING perfectly??!!In most cases you need staff to help you achieve your goals and this brings more work! This is where The Ultimate Staff Management System can save you a lot of time and allow you to get back to what you do best – run your business and make more money.This system will help you retain staff because they will see that they are working in a workplace that:

We have also included a SECRET WEAPON than can be used…

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