The Seven Secrets Of The Millionaires Book

Except for the very wealthy, everyone has faced something like this… But only a relative few have found the way to turn that frustration around and attract abundance into their lives.

For a long time the secrets of how to make great money has been kept in the hands of the privileged few. They don’t want you to know how to do it because it doesn’t serve them. They aren’t interested in your difficulties or life so don’t bother asking them for help.

Your struggles are their opportunities so none of them will teach you how to become wealthy or attract abundance… except one of them (a rags to riches millionaire called Stuart Goldsmith) broke the code of silence and by following his rules and guidance I learned how to attract abundance and wealth into my life, and you can learn exactly what I learned too…

In a few moments I am going to explain how I did it. And how you can become one of the people who also turns disappointment into success, pride and and freedom.

First of all let me tell you how I discovered the knack of attracting abundance into my life and the lives of my family and friends….

Six years ago I arrived into this country an immigrant. My wife and I had two bags and six cardboard boxes filled with our photographs, books clothes and memories.

We had nowhere to live and so my wife’s brother agreed to let us sleep on a sofa-bed in his kitchen. It was great to have somewhere to stay but you can imagine how quickly the welcome grew thin… it’s not easy having people living in your kitchen.

Soon my wife got work but I had trouble, my qualifications weren’t recognised by the government so I…

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