The Insiders guide To Buying Property –

It’s very easy to become confused by the ‘gobbledegook’ of the old-fashioned legal language employed in the property market – and the countless forms and searches, unexpected hitches… all can serve to confuse and distress the uninitiated purchaser. However, all is not lost… with the help of my detailed, up-to-the-minute Guide, you can steer your way through all the legalities, all the possible pitfalls and traumas – and even uncover the potential of turning your purchase into a profit.

The more you know about the legal aspects of your transaction, the better you will be able to understand the procedures and remain in control. By replacing uncertainty with knowledge, your confidence in dealing with property lawyers will grow, and the stress that usually comes with buying a property will diminish.

This Guide is laid out as a very clear step-by-step ‘walk-through’ of the purchase process. In layman’s language, it details and explains all the primary legal aspects of conveyancing. Legal terms are explained and examples of the law in action illustrate many of the main topics. And where necessary, I’ve included warning notes which tell you of the potential pitfalls you may encounter.

We will guide you through what to look for and what to look out for. Having handled and experienced many property transactions both professionally and personally over the years, I fully understand how baffling some of the terminology and processes can at first seem. It’s easy to be intimidated, and to overlook something really important… because you didn’t recognise that importance – or were afraid to ask.

Starting with an explanation of the contract, I show you what a typical one looks like, explain Standard Conditions and special conditions that may be written into it – and, since there…

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