Proven photography sales techniques that won’t make you feel dirtyGet Pro Photo

Do you feel like a commodity when you hear this kind of thing? Does it make you feel undervalued? There are so many photographers out there and they’re all asking the same questions:

This 42 page book tackles all of these issues and Tells You Exactly What To Say When the Awkward Questions Arise.

When you know the answer to these questions the sales process feels easy and natural. You no longer feel caught between being a pushover and being a pushy salesperson. You see, selling isn’t about tricking or manipulating people – hence the name of this book. The techniques you’ll learn will not only help you to earn more money, but it will also result in your clients appreciating you and your photography more than ever before.

Selling portrait and wedding photography isn’t only about what you say, it’s about the whole sales process. I’ll talk you through exactly what to do, step-by-step and explain the reasons behind each step, too. Having a system like this is crucial because you’ll no longer have to wonder whether you’re doing things correctly – you’ll know you are.

It’s wonderfully liberating to always know what the next step is, whether you’re answering the phone to a new prospect, or you’re serving an existing client. Having a proven system takes the stress and fear out of your business and brings a lot more money into it.

So what exactly did this selling system do for me? I can tell you precisely. I used to average £200 ($310) for my family portraits, but the instant I started using the sales techniques in this book my very next customer didn’t flinch at £800 ($1245). The improvement happened the instant I started…

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