Money Makes Me Crazy Intro Bundle – My Money Temperament

What you think you know about money is probably wrong. Financial success is about managing behavior – then money. This is a little secret the financial industry DOES NOT want you to know.

“Ted McLyman has the sense to admit that even the people who manage other people’s money go crazy trying to understand how and why people do what they do with money. McLyman figures out a missing piece in the human money equation that others like myself have ignored for years.”

Money Makes Me Crazy! A Prescription for Money Sanity offers a light and entertaining account of how our human nature conspires against us when we make money decisions.

The basic human behaviors that keep us alive in the wild are killing us at The Mall. Humans aren’t hard-wired to work well with money.

Our biology, culture, and money beliefs keep getting in the way of money choices. The result, a house that’s too big, a car that costs more than our first home, and a garage full of stuff we just can’t seem to part with.

Here’s another problem, the rules of money have changed. What worked for our parents and grandparents doesn’t seem to work for us today.  Longevity is the real game changer–we are out-living our money. 

The common wisdom of money is wrong. Money success is about managing behavior, not products and services. We are not rational with our money. Our feeling brain trumps our thinking brain in spending situations. Many of us just don’t seem to work well with money.  – Ted McLyman   

Money Makes Me Crazy is the easy-to-read, common sense, prescription to better money choices. No jargon, complicated theory, or difficult charts and graphs.

I ask you again; have you ever run…

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