McMillan Portfolio

Would you like a trading system that doubles, even triples your portfolio each year… and… would you like to do it with minimal losses?

Over the last three years, he has systematically traded the major indices (DIA, QQQ and SPY)…and doubled, even tripled his returns.

Mark’s been a long-time subscriber to the Stock Barometer. He didn’t show up on my radar until I started chatting with him over e-mail a few years back.

When I realized what he’d figured out about market behavior and reversals… I started harassing him to write for me.

Here’s the deal with Mark. He’s a history and economics major who got into software engineering, technology marketing and all sorts of diverse knowledge. At heart, he’s a problem solver.

So in 2000, he decided he wanted to figure out how to practically never lose money in the market. To him, the pain of losing money outweighs the pleasure of making money any day.

After years of agony, heavy research and insane calculations… Mark’s discovered exactly how to tell when a market is trending, trading and… when reversals are about to occur.

Mark’s use of behavioral economics in trading the major indices is only one half of what you’ll get when you subscribe to The McMillan Portfolio.

Mark is also a reversal specialist who discovers undervalued stocks as they’re just about to make a turnaround. He’s got five positions in that portfolio right now at and he’s about to reveal more.

OK. It’s unfair to show you the positive without the negative. As I said many times before, Mark hates losing. He usually gets out of losing trades extremely quick. But he is holding on to one particular trade right now…

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