Loan Officer Marketing Secrets

“I have started using just one of your techniques and my loan applications have doubled. Thank you for helping me stay in front of the competition” –Sarah Brodniak, Visalia CA 03/24/2007

“I just finished Money Making Marketing For Loan Officers. It addressed one thing that has really bugged me and really simplified it. That is, how to choose and market to a particular niche. You made it as simple as it really should be. The realtor follow-up was covered very well and is sure to cement relations between mortgage brokers and realtors, (if followed as described in your book!)"

"Thank you for some sound practical advice that both a novice and a seasoned mortgage broker can use to crank up the pipeline." –Kimberly Jacobson, Bellingham WA 03/24/2007

“Great ebook, Eileen! I can always use help with marketing and your ebook made calling on Realtors so much easier” –Josh Estvold, Portland OR 03/24/2007

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