Kung Fu Pips

It has come to our attention that there are fake versions of KungFu Pips being offered on the web for free. PLEASE BEWARE! These pirate versions are not the real deal and you are risking your money by using them. They DO NOT work! Want the authentic method to skyrocket your trading profits? You have found it here…

After 8 months of grueling statistical studying and formula application, we developed and refined to perfection this super-simple, straightforward and deadly powerful EURUSD, M15 indicator.

Unlike the aggressive and compulsive volatility of other candlestick indicators, KungFu Pips relies on calm, calculated and logical trends.

BUY when a green arrow pointing upwards appears and set the Take Profit to the green X.

SELL when a red arrow pointing downwards appears and set the Take Profit to the red X.

If the first indication arrow is missed, other opportunities will pop up. Depending on your capital, there’s no harm in taking trades on all the arrows. More trades, more rewards!

Kung Fu Pips will also send an email alert to your phone or work email, even when you away from your desk.

Click Here To Order Securely (All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything else like that. And it’s totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

Clear arrows and crosses marks the spot – stop GUESSING which direction the markets are going

No stop losses – Using exact stop losses in the FX market will jeopardize the prospects of a strategy

You have total control – get the confidence to make great trade after great trade. Time and time again!

Receive precise, consistent and reliable alerts for the best possible trading decisions


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