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Are you Sick and Tired of *FLASHY* Forex Bots, EAs, *Tips and Tricks* and FAILED SIGNALS that PROMISE you MILLIONS, Only to WIPE your accounts CLEAN ending your trading days forever?

Without the hype and fancy sales letters used by fake millionaire-traders – you know the ones! – we’re going to show you how YOU can trade like the PROs on Wall Street, how YOU can JUMP ON huge trends and capture High-Profit Moves every day, give you 60-70% Accurate FX Signals (Buy/Sell Prices, Stops and Limits, as well as Trend Directions) plus a whole lot more!

The majority of bots and EAs – you know the “set and forget” ones? – leave you as a forex trader vulnerable, your accounts at risk and hard-earned savings wiped out after a few days trading, sometimes sooner.. Sound familiar?

FACT: A Bot or EA can NEVER know what trade to place and certainly not with any probability of success..

They don’t trade based on live news, fundamentals, technical analysis or anything that Top Traders on Wall Street use to make their billions every month.

And if you’ve ever made the same mistakes we did you probably hated doing the grunt work that goes into placing winning trades, the technical analysis, the fundamental analysis, the insane number of hours spent in front of trading screens, trying to figure out the EXACT price to go long or short on, trying to figure out how that recent news release will affect your trades, blah blah blah..

And if you’re like we were before, you’ve always given in to bots and EAs and their promises to do everything for you while you go relax on the…

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