In Pursuit of Profits! –

Has there ever been a more difficult time in the last 50 years to even try to maintain profit levels never mind increase them?

Decreasing margins, rising labor and material costs, increased competition, escalating marketing, operational, and administrative expenses, higher product costs and higher taxes are just some of the many profit defeating problems you face.

All of which seemingly make even maintaining profits extremely difficult for many companies and almost impossible for most.

Yes being in business today can be a very complex and daunting process, but I assure you making a great deal more money is actually quite simple.

“Every single chapter in this book is worth a hundred times more than the price of the whole book.”

You can either increase sales or decrease expenses. The overwhelming majority of business owners and managers in this country think that the most effective way to increase profits is to increase sales. Countless books have been written on this subject and seminars teaching companies how to increase sales are held every day, in every city, in the country.

But attempting to increase sales costs money. In most cases a great deal of money. Marketing costs money. Advertising costs money. Hiring more sales people costs money.

Each of these efforts can severely hinder your cash flow and none can guarantee your profits will increase.

But there is another way to increase profits. A much easier and far more effective way to generate significantly increased profits while dramatically improving cash flow.

Think about this, if you increase sales by $10,000 you might realize a net bottom line pretax profit (after selling expenses, operating costs, cost of goods sold, etc.) of $200 to $500 if you are like most companies who show a net pretax profit of 2% -5% per year or…

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