How to write (And persuade) better

"I spent 27,875,80 minutes and millions – if not billions – of other people’s money solving the biggest problem most business face"

"… Let me share it with you for less than the price of a dinner for two – or take it for free if you don’t agree it’s worth the price."

I’m Drayton Bird. I’ve spent the last 53 years writing stuff to persuade and sell almost every single day. And I’d like to teach you how. But in a fraction of the time it’s taken me to learn – two hours, fifty minutes and forty nine seconds, to be precise. But why should you listen to me? Well I worked for the legendary David Ogilvy for eight years after I sold my company to Ogilvy & Mather. He said this:

And Gary Bencivenga, widely regarded before his retirement as the world’s best direct marketing copywriter said this:

"Your books are among my most valued possessions, and easily among the greatest ever written on advertising, right up there with those by Caples, Ogilvy, Schwab, Reeves and Hopkins"

The world’s most successful copywriter after Gary retired is Clayton Makepeace. He made as much as $6 million a year. After talking to me he said I:

"Triggered so many great ideas and confirmed so many closely held beliefs of mine, well, believe it or not, words fail…’

As you can see, I’m distinctly better placed than most to show you how to write anything that will persuade people to do what you want. I mean anything. Sales letters, e-mail, advertisements, books, scripts for telemarketing or radio commercials – I can help you with all of them. The whole shooting match. Let me explain … Writing great copy isn’t some black art. All you need are some simple rules – then just follow them. If you…

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