How A $17,537 Cash Investment Became A $4 Million Property Generating A Yearly Net Income Of $315,000!

I may not have the technical skills to make this letter look fancy, so please forgive the appearance of this plain-looking letter, but trust me, the content truly is an eye opener….

WARNING: The profit numbers on this website are REAL! Most of you will disregard them as being unbelievable BUT YOU WOULD BE MAKING THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE! EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THESE ARE ACTUAL TRANSACTIONS THAT HAVE TAKEN PLACE. As hard as these numbers are to believe, they are the results of actual transactions. THEY ARE REAL!

My name is Peter Stasiuk. I am a licensed Realtor. But not just any average Real Estate Agent. You see, I deal with in a specialty that is relatively unknown to the general public at large. Very few of the deals that take place in this sector ever reach the public eye. In fact, your local residential real estate agent probably doesn’t even know the powerful profits that these deals produce, nor the details of these done deals. You see, I deal in "Investment-Grade Commercial Real Estate" transactions. The cream of the crop as far as profitable real estate transactions go. I tell you all of this in advance, so you know that I am a real person, and that these details are the result of ACTUAL TRANSACTIONS THAT HAVE TAKEN PLACE.

BUT WAIT, I left out the best part. This investment also generates an annual net income of $315,000 for its owner!!!!…….. Each and every year!

I know, I know. You’re saying that this can’t be possible. I must be in some kind of fantasyland. But this transaction actually took place. In fact I was just recently in contact with this owner to see if he would sell his property. He wasn’t the least…

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