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Congratulations on taking the first step towards creating your first app. The app industry is truly an amazing place. Everyday it is allowing thousands of Appreneurs (as we’re now being referred to as) just like you and I to quit our 9 to 5 jobs, exit the "rat race" and seek out lifes true pleasures. Friends, family and whatever you call fun! For me, it’s those things with the addition of travelling, sky diving, jet skiing, playing pool, mountaineering and photography! It’s a lot of things, but making apps allow me to do all of them and have no 9 – 5 job!

How Do You Make Apps? is much more than just an eBook. It is a full kit designed to guide you through the process of building your an app, from start to finish, and beyond! After so many hours spent working out the most efficient way to build apps, I’ve finally come to a recipe that works and that is what I’ve provided for you here. All of the tools included have been tried and tested and come personally guaranteed to help every step of the way.

Travelling is one of my biggest motivators and for a young guy I’ve certainly seen a lot! Thanks to apps, that’s only the beginning!

"Take note! This is not some "get rich quick" scheme, and if you are looking for that, you are very much in the wrong place.

Building apps to generate a passive income is a very rewarding experience but requires a few simple steps to be completed thoroughly. This kit is designed for the people that want to do it right the first time to reap the rewards over the short and long term!" – John Pownall

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