Get Unstuck Action Programme – “12 Weeks to Getting Unstuck (and Jump Starting Your Revenue!)… With Confidence and Grace”

Let’s face it – it’s pretty freaking hard to grow a business in this day and age without already knowing how things work, what works, and how your ideas fit into the scheme of things.

In all my experience I have found there are 3 important things in getting going on any money-making idea. These are:

Two years ago no one knew who I was. I had no online reputation, no traffic, no book, and only a handful of coaching clients to speak of. But then using these three principles I was able to get it all together, build a coaching practice most people would be envious of, choosing who I work with, commanding very healthy speaking fees and having a ball working with a very successful mentoring group of fabulous people helping them to find their Money Mojo and get things working in their lives.

Now, obviously there is only one of me so there is a limit to the number of people I can work with at any one time.

But I still get a lot of people asking me how they can build, grow and start a business or a side project to generate some more cash.

“I’m in the middle of trying to set up a new business, and  I’d love the opportunity to come for a coaching session with you and to be able to base it around the new business.

“I’ve been working in business for several years now. All I see are the challenges, the loneliness, disappointments and courage I have to take every day to keep moving and be positive….It is hard work and sometimes I just want to go to sleep and not wake up. I am told that i am great, but then my…

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