Freedom 35 Membership – Stock Market Basics

Are you looking to make more money trading? Tired of spending hours and hours trying to find stocks to trade? Sick and tired of not knowing when to get in and out of a trade? Welcome to TheStockMarketBasics.

Now imagine every day as the market opened you knew exactly what to trade, when to get in and most importantly when to get out with a nice profit.

This is exactly what we bring to the table for our members every single market day, giving traders a way to cut down on their research time, know what stocks to trade as well as when to get in and out of every single trade.

These stocks have been hand-picked based on technical analysis for follow-through on the next trading day after this list has been published. There will be both long and short candidates on the list, and we recommend that you go with the prevailing direction of the market when choosing your trade. For example, if the market is going up, you should be going long. If the market is dropping, you should be going short. Here are some of our recent stock picks:

On Sept 24 2013, one of our stock picks was CLDX:

“The next long on the list is CLDX, Celldex Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CLDX).  CLDX is a biotech stock that trades on the Nasdaq.  We had this stock on the long list last week and it has really performed, up over 30% from where we liked it last week.  Congratulations to those of you who got it.  Does it have one more day in it?  Maybe, maybe not.  The volume today was higher than anything else in recent days, so we may have seen a top…

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