Do It Yourself Technical Analysis eBook

If you have to make money from the market, you have to understand the market and cannot just rely on someone else to help you buy the stock at the right time and at the right price. You have to get that done yourself and it is neither the stock broker nor the stock tips providers (or stock tippers as it is pronounced) that will help you make money from the market. I believe in the concept and so do my hundreds of other students and readers. So if you also believe in what I believe it makes sense to be reading further.

The next step to Do It Yourself is to get a mentor who not only helps you understand the market but also can be with you as and when you require and not when he is available. I am always available in DIYTechnicalAnalysis members forum area to answer any question that any of my readers have related to stock, chart pattern, fundamental analysis, investment analysis or even choice of brokers.

Like any other investor I also started to look into equity market as money making opportunity when the market was booming in 2007. I did my first trade on 22nd June 2007 and purchased MAN INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LIMITED and in a day or two I was richer by Rs 300 on an investment of 50,000 INR. I started multiplying numbers. Daily 300 Rs would mean I can easily make more than my Job. Hurray !!! I was on top of the world

Soon reality kicked in and I realized that it is not as easy as it looks from outside. You need to understand lot of things before making a move. I had a taste of some huge huge gains but I also realized that those were…

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