Buy Your First Apartment Building — An E-Course For Apartment Building Investors

The students of my E-course will tell you that apartment building investments are easier than you might think

My name is Ted Karsch. I have been a real estate investor, nationally recognized investment counselor and commercial mortgage specialist for most of my adult life. Every day, in my role as commercial mortgage consultant, I speak to at least 4 or 5 people who are brand new to commercial real estate investing and are eager to get started. Most of these people have some experience in residential real estate investments. For example, they may own a duplex or two that they lease. But, investing in apartment buildings attracts them for numerous reasons. Many are surprised to learn that investing in an apartment building can actually be easier than investing in single family homes.

The problem that many new investors face when looking at apartment buildings as potential investments is that they don’t have the tools or knowledge to perform some key tasks that are essential to apartment building investment success. I have designed the "Buy Your First Apartment Building E-Course" with the brand new commercial real estate investor in mind. My Ecourse will take you from absolute beginner to buying your first apartment in as little as three weeks. The amount of work you put into the course and how well you follow the directions will determine your ultimate success.

Q: I have looked at the home study courses of real estate gurus like Dave Lindahl and Daran Garmin. These guys are charging over $900.00 for their home study courses and around $5,000.00 for seminars. How is it that you are offering similar materials and a better education for only $99.95? What is the catch Ted?

A: There is no catch. My educational resources and…

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