Build A Booming Business!

The Build a Boooooooming Business book contains thousands of innovative ideas for business success. It is a valuable resource for all business people including Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Professional Speakers and other Entrepreneurs.

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This book, Build a Boooooooming Business, delivers on its name. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book because it integrates business skills with spirituality and professional development. Most business books, including practice building books for coaches, focus on traditional sales and marketing skills with little regard for the types of people entering the coaching profession – people who want to make a difference and support others. Build a Boooooooming Business pays close attention to who you are as individual and, for some, this may be the key.

This guide will help you to clarify your business values and goals while examining how to be successful, why you deserve to be successful and how to take care of yourself before taking care of others. You’ll also learn how to apply the Laws of Attraction, how to effectively communicate with your clients and potential clients, how to leverage basic marketing principles with your personal behavioural style in business and, most importantly, how to create a waiting list of clients.

Aside from receiving greater insights on which marketing strategies are right for you as an individual, I sincerely hope that you walk away from reading this book having shattered an old belief that financially successful people must sacrifice integrity, morals and values. As you read Build a Boooooooming Business, you will learn from other successful coaches that you can build…

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